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Punk Bath Decor

Punk music and style has been raging for twenty five years and now you can even turn your bathroom into a wild punk concert with our punk shower curtains, towels and bath mats. Choose a big and detailed scene for your new punk shower curtains, with an image such as a dark grey on tan emblem of a grimacing skull with falcon wings spread behind it, daggers crossed below its chin, a kings crown sitting crooked on its head, the phrase Rock Never Die written on top in cursive letters, and a blank banner at the bottom, available for your own name or motto. How about celebrating the proud freakiness of the punk life with an illustrated shower curtain design depicting a huge, toothy mouth sticking out its long tongue, which consists of a tangle of worms with screaming or frowning faces, beneath the title, FREAK. Bizarre Art? Continue the punk theme as you step out of the shower onto a custom bath mat showing a sexy punk girl wearing a skull covered halter top, mini skirt, high leather boots, and pigtails as she straddles a chair backwards in a navy blue and white monochrome design, and then wrap yourself in a towel featuring a redheaded punk girl in a blue tank top and green baseball cap pointing her silver can of spray paint at you, with her graffiti art of two red roses on a brown brick wall seen behind her.

And even your kids can get in on the fun with punk shower curtains, towels and bath mats displaying a cute punk fairy, with blue hair, delicate pink wings, grey striped stockings, black boots, a pink trimmed black mini skirt and a pink striped skull t-shirt, or a pattern composed of cute skulls with pink ribbons on their heads, winged pink hearts, and white butterflies.

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