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Artistic Bath Decor

Artistic Shower Curtains

Bath Mats, Towels, - Decorate Your Whole Bathroom!

Be the curator of your own art gallery while at the same time enjoying the art as part of useful items with our artistic bath decor. For a simple yet vibrant set of custom size shower curtains, choose a design with a wide variety of colored vertical stripes reflecting onto a shiny black surface, or an orange sitting on a black plate that is on an orange mat lain on a black table beside three other oranges, with an orange background. Or would you prefer an artistic bath decor of a more elaborated bath mat pattern such as a woman's green eye with green and aqua eyeshadow and black eyelashes set amid red, yellow, blue and green leaves, vines and splashes of paint, or an abstract design mixing blue, red, yellow and green in smears and swirls of paint? You can also add towels decorated with a stylish modern art design of blue, red, yellow, white and grey squares and rectangles, an illustration of water droplets landing and making rings in deep blue water, a colorful spiral made of smaller red, blue and purple spirals on a white background, or a black and white maze pattern.

Or add yet more designs to your bathroom with artistic bath decor displaying a man in a white suit looking at a gallery wall covered in abstract painting overlapping each other and reaching high above the ground, or colorful origami birds flying out of a grey geometric sphere.

Decorate your bathroom and at the same time, remind yourself to work on your own art more often with these artic bath decor.

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