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Hippie Bath Decor

Hippie culture has been going strong for almost fifty years. Whether you are one of the original hippies or from a new generation, spread the hippie spirit by decorating your bathroom with our hippie themed shower curtains, towels and bath mats. What image do you think best captures the essence of what it means to be a hippie? How about a peace symbol? Hang up a new set of hippie shower curtains designed with a simple black sketch of a peace symbol, or a button style peace symbol with Make Love Not War, a white dove and yellow and red flowers around its edge, on a rainbow striped background. You can also decorate with a bath mat showing another kind of peace symbol, a hand holding up two fingers in a V, with black butterflies, white stars, and green, red and yellow swirls around it.

Choose a bath mat containing an assortment of hippie staples, including a lava lamp, a flower with a yin yang symbol in its center, and a psychedelic butterfly. Or represent the hippie dream of living a simple, rustic life in nature with bath mats that depict the photo of a straw roofed wooden hut built amid palm trees and tall grasses on a sandy white beach. Continue the tribute to the hippie lifestyle throughout your bathroom with a set of custom hippie towels.

Add some hippie humor with a towel displaying the funny cartoon of a hippie guru with long hair, a red and yellow headband, a big grey beard, a purple shirt, green pants with blue flowers embroidered on them, and his right hand making the V peace sign. Pay homage to the quintessential hippie vehicle with a towel featuring a hippie van covered in flowers and colored brightly with pink, violet, green, blue, yellow and more.

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