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Peace Sign Bath Decor

Peace Sign Shower Curtains

Bath Mats, Towels, - Decorate Your Whole Bathroom!

There is nothing like the days of disco, and retro designs are surely coming back into style in full-force. Teenagers absolutely need vintage styles and designs in their clothing and personalized items in order to be cool and hip. Peace sign shower curtains are the perfect way to let a tween or teenager express themselves through the decoration scheme of their own bathroom. One design brings all the elements of girly style to one shower curtain.

It shows off a giant peace sign on a purple background with what appears to be pink paint splatters all around it. However, within the paint splatters is a paisley-inspired pattern to give the image lots of loudness -- plus, the color scheme is girly and chic. With pink, purple, peace, and paisley, you cannot go wrong with these peace sign shower curtains.

However, hippie-chic is certainly another approach that is sure to please. You have to incorporate lots of flowers, hearts, and sunshine in soft hippie color tones in order to make the bathroom feel like the chilled-out 1970s. With artistic approaches to a sunset inside the peace sign which is surrounded by painted flowers and roses, these peace sign shower curtains might appeal to a crowd with more muted tastes.

A simple way to go put peace into bathroom shower curtains is to remember that less is more. Your teenager will love a simple design which features a white background and the words planet love plastered across it. The font makes the text look a bit urban and the words are deep purple in color.

The letter o in the word love is actually a peace sign which looks as though it has been spray painted there, so the design is cool but also vintage with a hint of graffiti. We all know, though, that when it comes to the themes of peace and love, you can never have too much. Teens who are really into these designs will love peace sign shower curtains which are patterned to incorporate as many of the symbols as possible.

On a black background in many different colors and surrounded by excessive amounts of hearts and flowers, this decoration will look straight out of the 60s with retro bathroom decor. Peace sign shower curtains are an absolute must-have considering what is in style for teenagers at the moment. Right now, the words vintage and cool are essentially interchangeable.

Having the retro look in your clothes and in your home will show off how hip and stylish you are, not to mention the fact that every parent should want their teens to be into the ideas of peace and love.

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