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Peace Sign Bath Decor

VisionBedding's peace sign bath decor will have you on the march for great designs.  This bath decor is emblazoned with the signs of peace, whether in the circular symbol or the dual fingers of a proud champion of peace.  Try a shower curtain with multiple peace signs in rainbow colors, or perhaps one with a huge peace sign in a heart shape.  We even have peace signs with bullet holes sprinkling above, as if to say that sometimes peace is the end result of hard work and strife.  

And if these designs aren't keeping your peace train on the tracks, then design your own.  Fully customize your bathroom with your own images, text, or illustrations of peace.  You can personalize our designs as well: brighten the colors and hues of your favorite peace sign shape so it pops right from your towel.  Take an image of your favorite peace sign necklace and layer it onto our existing backgrounds.  Put a peace quote by Cat Stevens or John Lennon on your bath mat so you can feel peace and cleanliness simultaneously.

A simple way to go put peace into bathroom shower curtains is to remember that less is more. Your teenager will love a simple bath mat design which features a white background and the words "planet love" plastered across it. The font makes the text look as hipster and chic as they are.  Or, try a towel with a peace sign in hearts and flowers on a black background.  Your decor will look straight out of those vintage halcyon days.

A peace sign style in the bathroom is a theme worth exploring. A hippie-chic theme is certain to bring peace to your bath.  Incorporate lots of flowers, hearts, and sunshine in soft hippie color tones in order to make the bathroom feel like the chilled-out 60s and 70s. With artistic approaches to a sunset inside a peace sign surrounded by painted flowers and roses, these peace sign shower curtains might appeal to a crowd with more muted tastes.  No matter what bathroom you want to design, you'll be giving peace a chance.  

Peace sign shower curtains are the perfect way to let a tween or teenager express themselves by decorating their own bathroom. One design brings all the elements of girly style to one shower curtain.  Retro designs are coming back into style in full-force, and teenagers love vintage styles and designs. One of our designs shows off a giant peace sign on a purple background with pink paint splatters all around, and within the paint splatters is a paisley-inspired pattern to give the image a girly and chic vibe. With pink, purple, peace, and paisley, you cannot go wrong with these peace sign shower curtains.

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