Peace Sign Window Curtains

Peace Sign themed custom size window curtains are available in ANY size you want, in sheer or block out fabrics.

In a world full of war and violence, you believe in peace, and you can show it with our peace sign window curtains and drapes. Is music the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a peace symbol? Then choose our curtain design paying tribute to that great festival of peace, Woodstock, with the neck of an electric guitar forming the middle line of a peace symbol, a dove sitting on top of the guitar, and bands of yellow light streaming out from a blue background. If you want an artistic design, we have curtains displaying a peace sign made from a rainbow of pastel-colored butterflies with a soft yellow sun shining through. To show your desire for the USA to be more peaceful, decorate with curtains showing a peace symbol styled in the red, white, and blue stars and stripes of the American flag, or a flag with all the stars replaced by one large peace sign on your curtains.

Still not finding the perfect peace sign bedding? It's ok, simply use your own artwork or designs and turn it into custom curtains that will be truly one of a kind. There is no better way to show off your artistic abilities than by creating the perfect focal point of peace in your home. Personalize your curtains with photos you've taken and want to memorialize on your windows. Alter the luminance of our existing designs for even brighter colors, or perhaps for a moody and subdued look that conveys peace in simple lines. Your options for customization and personalization are as limitless as the possibilities that world peace could bring. 

We have full block-out curtains emblazoned with a woman holding her hand in the V peace sign as light emanates from around her.  Try for a man doing the same on your valance. For an amusing set of peace sign drapes, pick our chic butterfly with peace symbols as part of the pattern on his wings. And our curtains come in custom sizes so every window in the home can be a symbol of peace if you so desire.

Try for a peaceful theme throughout your home, or perhaps focus on certain rooms so your peace decor can match the peace you feel in that room. There is no peace without love, so choose bedroom curtains with the words "love, peace, joy" adorned with a peace symbol. Go with a peace symbol heart pierced by an arrow for a living room conversation starter. Adorn your rec room with a peace sign surrounded by black paint and layered over a rainbow background in order to convey that your household is one of acceptance and tolerance.

These peace sign window curtains from VisionBedding are an ideal design choice for the peace-loving young adult in your home. Give these styles as a gift to your peace-nick teenagers. Let them express their views on peace, love, and understanding in their windows. The light can shine through peace in the window for a symbolic moment every morning that will surely set somebody on a peaceful path for the day. You can't change the whole world overnight, but you can start to make the world a better place by hanging our peace sign themed window curtains in your home.

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