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Peace Sign Blankets

With a new war starting every month, somebody has got to make a stand for peace, and you can do that with our furry fleece peace sign blankets. To show your burning desire for peace, choose a blanket with a peace symbol engulfed in orange, red and blue flames, a rainbow colored peace symbol surrounding a globe showing Europe, Africa and the Middle East, or the phrase PLANET LOVE with the O made from a graffiti stencil style peace symbol. Peace is also about having good times, so celebrate the culture of peace with custom blankets such as the word peace formed from different colored hand prints, a heart, a peace symbol and a smiley face made from red, purple, yellow, orange and green stars on a black background, a funky flower power design depicting two women in bell bottoms, one of them with an afro, or a picture of a Volkswagen van, a conversion van, the silhouette of a woman, hearts, peace, love, rainbows and a peace symbol. Music has been closely tied to peace movements for decades.

You can promote using an instrument to make sound instead of a gun by hanging up peace sign throw blankets including a peace symbol merged with the neck of a guitar. Other ways to demonstrate for peace are a blanket depicting rainbow colored children holding hands around the planet Earth, a yin yang symbol, a recycling symbol made from three hands set in front of an orange sky, multicultural kids sitting at a peace symbol shaped table, or two symbols for masculinity joined together over a rainbow colored button shape, as a show of solidarity for homosexual rights. You can also choose a blanket displaying a man, woman or just a lone hand making the V-shaped, two-finger peace sign for the world to see.

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