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1970s Bath Decor

1970s Shower Curtains

Bath Mats, Towels, - Decorate Your Whole Bathroom!

Our 1970s bath decor captures the spirit of the 70s and brings it into your home. Were you alive in the 70s? Or were you born too late to enjoy the good times of that legendary decade? Either way, you can relive this era by turning your bathroom into a disco club, hippie concert or party pad with our custom size shower curtain design like of a purple silhouette of a woman with a big afro or a towel of a tight body posing amid a collage of purple and white circles, stars and swirls, with DISCO written in yellow-trimmed curvy purple retro letters  and many more! To showcase the hippie aspect of the seventies, choose a circular rainbow pattern made from rings of color including red, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, violet and purple with FLOWERS POWER written in white bubble letters on the top and bottom and 70 written in huge red letters in the middle, with orange, yellow and red flowers in each corner of the design and little blue flowers adorning the white lettering. 

If you are a classic car enthusiast, get a 1970s bath decor of a bath mat featuring the profile of a cherry red muscle car with white racing stripes.

If you embrace the mystical renaissance of the 70s, then decorate towels displaying an Egyptian cross colored with the bright splatters of a tie-dye style pattern or the illustration of a long-haired and bearded hippie sitting cross-legged and smiling as he meditates atop a tree while wearing an orange vest covered in flowers, ripped denim jeans, a yellow peace symbol necklace and a green headband, with the white light of illumination streaming around him. Or do you prefer the decadent partying of the late 70s? Then choose 1970s bath decor with a disco ball gleaming purple, blue and white 

Get any or two or even more of these 1970s bath decor and be inspired as if you are getting ready to go out and party - the 70s style.

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