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1970s Rugs

The 1970s was a time of peace, love, and fun. The disco scenes, lamps, vinyl records, and peace signs of the time continue to be great symbols that are instantly recognizable. Each of our 1970s rugs is made with a beautiful design, featuring retro spiral patterns, lava lamps, and bold block letters. Put some of the 1970s under your feet and you'll have one foot set in the past at all times.

On top of our myriad of offered designs--from Peace & Love to swirling psychedelics, we also offer custom and personalized rugs. You might choose a custom rectangle rug for your family room to share your love of the 70s with your friends.  Never be a square or a suit when you can personalize your own home.  

Our 1970s rugs come in a variety of types.  We have round rugs perfect for a peace sign, area rugs that would be good for your retro collector car garage, plush rugs with dancing shoes on them to relax your feet, and even floor mats for those outside 1970s needs.  

You can have the 1970s rug of your choice, whether it's a flower power rug or a "Let's Party" rug. When you display your colorful retro pattern rug, your friends will want to join your party!  This party theme is perfect for a house of fun, but we also offer groovier themes that feature patterns, colors, and sparkling shapes to soothe and excite at the same time.

These 1970s rug designs are perfect for any ex-hippy or former 70s rock groupie.  A round rug with a flowery peace symbol would be perfect for adding some 70s fun to your study! A big rectangular rug with a snazzy royal blue muscle car or even a lava lamp wall art will surely delight any visitors to your living room.  Spread your 1970s love around your home.  No matter how or where, the 1970s will pull the rug right out from under you.

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