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Love Rugs

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When you're in love, you want everybody to know it, and you want to show your love in every aspect of your life, even your floors. So choose our love rugs to display hearts that symbolize your new infatuation, romantic phrases from around the world, or sweet illustrations that depict your recent marriage. Show off your worldliness and passion with an area rug that pictures a heart shape formed from loving words of different languages written in purple, red, violet and golden. These include the German for I love you, Ich liebe dich, as well as the French Je t'aime, the Spanish, Quiero, and English words such as Lover, Kisses and Sentiment.

Another carpet rug portrays the wildness of love with LOVE spelled out in magazine cutouts and splash of black, gray and blue paint. When you're ready to take your relationship to the next level, choose a love rug that pictures a gorgeously illustrated image of a pregnant young lady in an earthy brown maternity dress. She's closing her eyes blissfully as her deep crimson hair flows back in the breeze.

For a cute and funny depiction of love, go for a floor mat that shows a pair of cartoon turtles smiling as they kiss in front of a big pink heart. The boy turtle has a dark purple shell dotted with white spots, while his girl has flowers adorning her pink shell. Other popular love rugs use retro designs to not only convey a sense of romantic love but love for all people and things.

These include LOVE spelled out in groovy 60s style, with bubble letters of purple, pink and red sprawling over a black background covered with loopy leaves. Put your passion on display throughout your home with our love themed pillows and wall art.

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