Hippie Blankets

Exceptionally soft fleece blankets are ready in a wide selection of hippie themes and in queen or king sizes. Wrap up in a comfortable throw blanket and get warm today. Or maybe you want to pick a bed blanket size to turn your sleeping space into a photo gallery work of art. 

Put some out of sight hippie imagery in full view on custom blankets. Hippies have been around since the 1960s, with their beards and beads and mantras hanging on through all the yuppie decades since, but they're back with greater visibility, and their energy is flowing in these groovy hippie blankets. Approach nirvana with a hippie in hair Krishna orange atop a green bed of coconut palms and let that blissful pink aura radiate throughout the room. Peace out with a guitar-strumming guru on your bed.

Peace and love sentiments are popping up again everywhere, in peace symbols and rainbows and retro fashion. Bring them to your bedroom with a fleece hippie blanket. Or wrap some psychedelic flowers of peachy oranges and baby blues around your shoulders and suck everyone in at a summer festival of good vibes.

Lay down a bright green Volkswagen van and an urban skyline beaming bright sunny blues into the skies and trip out on a hippie themed bed blanket. Warm up with radiant colors and peace symbols floating like bubbles. Scrawl peace across fabric ribbons of rainbow colors and leave the lasting message of hippies on your bed.

Sleep with sweet dreams of happiness blanketing you with bright spring flowers. Bring some bright lemon-lime and dance energy to the room on a throw blanket with matching window valences and dance on a rainbow with free love in the air. Retreat into a thatched-roof hut or twist and shout with a tangerine glow in the room.

Paint daisies on the rounded back of a beetle and let it drive off your bed and onto shaded grass for your picnic in the park. Bring a hippie throw blanket to the party and peace out.

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