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Fairy Bath Decor

No matter whether a bathroom belongs to a little girl or a grown woman, fairy shower curtains are most likely appropriate. Though they might be creatures of the imagination, these winged girls cannot be outgrown. It is possible to take a bubblier and pink approach for a younger occupant or stray into a darker or more artsy realm for a more sophisticated look. Either way, you will love having a little imagination incorporated into the theme of your home.

One thing every girl, young or old, can appreciate about a lovely fantasy woman is her clothing! Showing off an artistic image on fairy shower curtains of these winged ladies relaxing in a flowery meadow is feminine and artistic. Any girl will love looking at the ribbons from her shoes as they tie all the way up their legs or their cute, lacy dresses which are elegantly tattered. Since these are not things we can wear in everyday life, why not show them off in the home? However, the main attraction of the designs on fairy shower curtains is the beautiful, fluttering wings.

Butterflies are no match for these women of the fantasy world. Especially in more sophisticated, artsy designs, the wings appear to be very delicate and feathery. Best of all, as any fashionista knows they should, the wings always match her outfit! Looking at the intricacy of these designs and fantasizing about what your fairy getup would look like never gets old.

Nature loving fairy lovers will love cool shower curtains which act as earthy murals. Fairies usually adhere to one element, and earthy fairies are great for the hippie home. Show off a winged girl resting in some tall grass with shadowy trees and dandelions all around her.

These designs are a great way to tie in your love for the environment with the appeal of a mythical and fantastic wonderland. Fairy shower curtains for little girls are just as fun to look at, but need not be so intricate. When designing rooms for young ones, color is absolutely key.

Kids shower curtains with similar designs might show off the women flying with some butterflies, their wings portraying abstract and psychedelic designs. What will really draw her in, though, are all the colors in the big rainbow that seems to be attracting the fairy's attention, too! Kids shower curtains can get super girly if she prefers it that way! Make her feel like one herself by incorporating pink-clad character of a young fairy into the theme of her bathroom. This simple design shows off a little faery girl wearing a crown and flaunting pretty, yellow wings.

The fact that she is floating across a field of daisies will bring a true element of girlishness to the room that any little girl will love. The best thing about using a mythical creature as the theme of a room is that there are so many approaches to doing so. More artistic images on fairy shower curtains are bound to be more detailed and intricate and flaunt muted and sophisticated color palettes, perfect for any home.

However, if the room belongs to a little girl, you will want to add as much pink as possible, and the simpler the image, the better. Just add some wall stickers for the room's accent. There are designs of cool shower curtains and wall stickers for this purpose as well!.

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