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Fairy Blankets

You love fairies because they are beautiful, live simple in the forest, and have powers you can only imagine. Bring fairies into your life by sleeping under fairy blankets. You will see on our blankets a fairy with wings patterned like a butterfly prancing through an enchanted forest in a sleek satin nightie and loosely knit black leggings, a fairy with thick, curly, wild hair and a long, flowing blue gown resting on the inside of a giant diamond ring, or a lovely blonde haired fairy with red wings picking red and yellow tulips in a green field. For a really sexy fairy,  there's one with sultry stare, slender stomach and arms held behind her head as she beckons men in thigh-high pink stockings and a tiny set of two piece lingerie.

Or how about a photographic image of a gorgeous girl with crystalline angel wings, a red dress and a flower in her hair sitting on top of a giant poppy flower as she hangs her head to one side, cascading her brown hair, and smiles at you? 

We also have designs for your kid or the child in you, such as a green haired baby fairy with a dress made from leaves and a look of wonderment in her eyes, a child fairy flying with violet wings and a magic wand, the purple silhouette of a fairy flying over a rainbow and blowing kisses, or a girl fairy sleeping soundly in a crescent moon with a starry black sky behind her.

Whatever design you choose, for sure you get to inspire yourself and your children to be more like a fairy and let their imaginations run wild with these themed blankets! You can decorate your child's bedroom with other fairy products like window curtains, floor rugs and wall art too.

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