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Fairy Backdrops

Let fairies fly from a world of fantasy into your studio shots with custom size fairy backdrops. Leave spring flowers on the dress of a pink winged fairy catching butterflies among flowers and ferns. Put a fairy at the tip of a black branch with silver wings. Seat her in a garden of brass and gold and marbled beige or on a crescent moon with unicorns and starbursts like snow flakes in skies of ivory and gold. Give her pastel wings and put her in a garden of deep green with baby dragons against turquoise skies. 

From purple winged spilling spring flowers and butterflies into the skies to a golden fairy atop a polka dotted red mushroom cap, use a themed backdrop to bring some wishful thinking to your shot. Leave a pixie dancing with a prince against a full moon in green skies on a toadstool, with clover dangling in the air on a custom photo backdrop.

Leave her on pointed toe in a silver backdrop or gazing at the moon with an elf in midnight skies. Put purple in the wings of a pink pixie and leave a golden fairy on a leafy stem. Put a fairy in a peach curve with a bunch of grapes, or leave her in chocolate against a silver rain on a custom photographer backdrop.

From white winged fairies in starry blue skies to fleeting fairies on pointed toes in green forests, these  backdrops bring a touch of mystery to your shots.

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