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Fairy Window Curtains

Let a fashion fairy fly in from her latest shopping spree on some fairy window curtains. Let the stardust out of the bags and sprinkle some fanciful fairies with light. Let a fairy relax on a grassy hill with mushroom-colored wings spread against the soft pink and blue caps of mushrooms. Drape a fairy in cranberry and set her among spring tulips and cherry blossoms.

Greet a wave of pretty pink from a fairy in the window. Bring some whimsy and lightness to the room with the magic of fairy curtains. Bring beautiful color to your room with a white-winged fairy child in a rose pink party dress, kneeling in a shaft of light to scatter cherry-blossom color in a moss-green forest.

Put a fairy on the path in a feathery white dress with bright lime-green wings to light up the midnight blue of the sky. Tuck a little fairy into the curve of a crescent moon and let her sleep in heavenly peace through the night. From tiny black-winged butterfly fairies drifting among pink petals in an almost psychedelic blurred bubble of aqua and silver to an Amy Winehouse fairy in pink and caramel garb, these beautiful window curtain designs bring fairies that are more than a little real to your room.

Spread your curtains with the pale pink wings and outstretched glee of a fairy princess, or put the scent of a fairy in lingering lilac on pale pastel floral retro shapes. Let a fairy rest in the gold hoop of a pearl earring decorated in your carpet rug. Scatter some stardust in the room and the blue sky behind a waiting fairy.

Choose from any of these designs and let your drapes bring you butterflies over the rainbows of color their fairies are wearing.

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