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Bathrooms are fun to decorate because we can get a bit unusual with the designs. People often use their bathrooms to highlight an interest, such as gardening, or a location, like the seashore or mountains. That's why, ou'll find bird bath decor in any color, pattern, and designs here. For those who love our feathered friends, there are hundreds of designs of birds that will spruce up the look of any bathroom. Lovebirds, doves, sparrows, or parrots, you name the bird and it can be featured on your custom size shower curtains, bath mats and towels.

The subjects range from small and sweet to large and powerful, with graceful and elegant birds in between. There is bird bath decor design of a pair of cartoon owls perched on a rainbow with a heart between them showing their love. From whimsical to serious, these birds bath decor are designed to enhance the bathroom.

Parrots are the birds of choice for many. A bird bath decor design showing these colorful and chatty personalities standing proud, resting on tree branches is a great way to create a truly unique style of decor. With feathers in a rainbow of colors, parrots are beautiful, no matter where they are.

Doves are truly magnificent and they represent peace, something many of us look for while in the bathroom. Step on a bath mat featuring a pair of doves in flight, you can enjoy a warm soak in your tub after a long or difficult day.

Swans are one of the most elegant of birds. A beautiful swan coasting across a pond on a sunny day is literally mirrored in the surface of the water on any of your birth bath decor will make any bathroom look upscale. 

Our bird bath decor also features lighthearted designs like a baby chick bursting out of an eggshell holding a small heart. With a pink background filled with colorful hearts and stars, this curtain design is perfect for the bathroom of a little girl. Boys will like the image of the strong American eagle imposed on a background featuring the Declaration of Independence and an American flag.

For a unique children's style shower curtain, feature these winged creatures and all their farmland friends in adorable cartoon form. Create a bathroom with a lighthearted feel for the entire family. Whatever color scheme and mood is desired there is a shower curtain featuring a one of a kind designs that will fit your needs just right.

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