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Parrot Bath Decor

Add color to your bathroom by decorating it with our parrot bath décor. Have a look at our couple scarlet, blue, and yellow macaw bath décor, showing the two love birds cuddling up next to each other.

The big blue parrot on a branch bath décor is an illustration of the parrot with an entirely blue coat with hints of yellow and purple feathers on it wings. We have three types of parrot feathers available in stock, the parrot feathers with an exotic texture, the rainbow colored scarlet macaw feathers, and the blue and green macaw feathers on our bath décor.

The seamless pattern with a pair of budgies bath décor shows the birds sitting on branch and surrounded by tree branches and leaves. From the background to the budgies coats, everything is a different shade of brown.

The parrot shower curtains portray a parrot with a red tail perched on a tree branch next to a white flower. The Ara parrot shower curtains depict the parrot with the colorful coat perched on a tree branch on a blue background.

The parrot sitting on branch on National branch illustrates the parrot surrounded by the beauty of the park. On the parrot on a branch bath décor, the parrot’s body is bright red, its tail maroon with black highlights, and its wings green. In the image, the bird is sitting on the edge of the tree branch on a white surface. If you have a pet parrot that you want to feature on the bath décor, send in the picture.

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