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Since essentially the dawn of time, floral designs have been used to express femininity in clothing and decor. Whether realistic or abstract, flowers can be viewed in their true form or manipulated into different designs and colors to ensure that there is a floral design girls of any age or taste can appreciate. Flower shower curtains are, for that reason, a must-have for young girls, college teens, or even the sophisticated adult. Flower shower curtains are a great way to incorporate very specific colors into a room.

For example, one bathroom shower curtain design flaunts three daisies against a white background. However, the colors of the daisies have been manipulated so that each is a vibrant pink, orange, or yellow. The intensities of these colors might not normally appear in nature, but still do not give off the vibe of abstract.

They are merely feminine and colorful, showing off a girl's fun personality. Floral themes make it possible to create designs of cool and unique shower curtains, which are still very girly. For example, one design utilizes a white background as a canvas for swirling vines attached to bright flowers in pinks and purples with slight accents of lime green.

The rounded abstract designs and the colors make these great for the bathroom of a teenage girly-girl; however, the floral aspect makes these shower curtains very versatile and timeless. Another approach to flower shower curtains is a very mysterious, artistic one. Not always do these designs have to be over-the-top in femininity.

One particular image shows of a dark blue background with very intricate drawn hibiscuses in a much deeper color palette. It appears as though they are wilting a bit in the moonlight, making for the perfect teen girls shower curtains. This might appeal to teen girls who love flowers but are not keen on the color pink.

Using a photograph of a specific floral species on your bathroom shower curtain will give the room a much more classic and sophisticated appeal. For example, how about a black shower curtain with a dramatic photograph of white tulips and their green stems stretching across its length? Taking away the bright colors and incorporating a realistic element will truly give the home a refined and polished appearance. For a fun approach to a family home, flower shower curtains with a more outdoorsy appeal are a great idea.

One design is the image of an outdoor landscape of green grass meeting a clear, blue sky. Across the length of the image is a clothesline, and held to it with clothespins are photographs of different colors and species of flowers. All the different colors prove that this is a fun-loving home, but there is also no implication of childishness.

One can incorporate flower shower curtains into a bathroom in so many ways. It does not matter whether the room will be utilized by an entire family or just one teenage girl. In essence, that is why these designs are so popular; they are extremely versatile and, for certain designs can be very timeless.

Best of all, they are a great way of making the room a bit more bright and colorful.

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