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Japanese Bath Decor

You need at least one room in your home dedicated to the celebration of your Japanese ancestry. Make that your bathroom, with our Japanese bath decor, where the simple and elegant designs of Japan, and its finely groomed gardens create the perfect aura of cleanliness. Select shower curtains that picture Japanese landscapes, and towels that highlight the many intriguing facets of this ancient and legendary country. Start your Japanese bath decor with a panoramic vista of the Great Gateway at Miyajima shown glimmering across a set of shower curtains.

Enjoy the sight of this incredible piece of abstract art as it glows reddish golden against a blue sky, or as a dark red silhouette set before a gray and yellow sky at dusk. Then select a bath mat that showcases the simplicity of Japanese art displayed over a rendition of the red rising sun circle of the flag of Japan. A pair of black branches displaying red flowers are seen slicing over the flag's pale pink surface.

Give your daughter a hand towel that features a young, cartoon geisha girl giggling behind her hand fan in the cool Japanese spring. She's wearing a lavender kimono trimmed in tan and wooden pins in her black hair as a cherry tree branch sprawls over her. For your son, we have a bath towel that displays a photo image of a Japanese style pagoda building.

This unique structure, with its many levels of awnings, is shown towering over the lush green trees around a river, beneath an orange sunset. Another Japanese bath decor design combines tranquility with ferocity. Your bath mat will exhibit a photo of two karate experts seen as black silhouettes while they practice their kicks and blocks with the first light of dawn.

The orange, blue, red and violet sunrise and gently rolling mountains behind them give a sense of contrast to the image of combat. Expand the showcase of Japan into the rest of your house with our Japanese fabric and .

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