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Japanese Window Curtains

Japanese styled custom size window curtains are available in ANY size you wish, in sheer or black out material.

For thousands of years, Japanese culture and art has been crafted and refined, resulting in the pristine gardens, imposing monuments, gorgeous outfits and rich foods featured on our Japanese window curtains. Give your son custom size curtains that display martial artists, beautiful geisha girls or yin yang symbols. And decorate your living room with vistas of Japan's snow-capped volcanoes, Zen tranquility and most delicate flowers. Let your daughter walk through the same fields as her Japanese ancestors with a set of drapes that showcase a panoramic photo of Mt.

Fuji. The misty blue base of this enormous mountain nearly blends in with the blue sky around it, as its lofty white peak rises into the heavens above. The foreground of these window curtains pictures rows of bright green tea plants growing at the edge of a forest.

Your son will be impressed by the work ethic of a pair of men practicing their ancient battle technique at dawn on his Japanese window curtains. Of course you'd love to have a Japanese garden in your backyard, but in a high rise condo, that's not possible. So exhibit a ceiling to floor scene with custom size curtains that show a photo of a white stone pagoda set beside finely manicured green plants and a tree with purple leaves.

Or focus on the tiniest and simplest of details, in typical Japanese style, with a window valence that displays three increasingly larger Zen stones. These smooth stones are set beside a green bamboo branch on a pure white background. Other Japanese window curtains honor the famous and mysterious sensuality of geisha girls.

These include drapes that are designed with the illustration of a geisha with blushing pink cheeks surrounded by milky white skin, a large bundle of black hair tied above her head with brown wooden hairpins, and a black kimono contrasted to a ring of pink and white flowers. The fascinating country of Japan has so many layers and facets that you need our Japanese rugs and bedding to truly turn your home into a Little Tokyo.

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