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Japanese Wall Art

Our incredible collection of Japanese wall art allows you to decorate both with scenes from the country and culture of Japan as well as traditional Japanese art. Hang a wall mural or canvas wrap over your living room sofa that displays a stunning photo of the Great Gateway at Miyajima. This sacred Japanese monument is seen on your wall art as a red and black silhouette against a gray and golden sky at dusk. The water around it glows golden in the last rays of the sun.

Decorate with a wall hanging of a Japanese Zen garden to bring tranquility to your family room. On one of our many wall art patterns centered on this theme, a tree with purple leaves rests beside a white stone fountain in a Japanese garden. Another Japanese wall art design shows the minimalism of Zen with three white pebbles lined up on a white background beside a green bamboo branch.

When you look at the new poster on your bedroom wall, you'll imagine you're floating down a river towards an ancient eight story pagoda in the lush green countryside of Japan. The kitchen is another great place to decorate with our Japanese wall art. Motivate yourself to only eat healthy and delicious food by hanging wall decals that exhibit three bites of sushi and sashimi held on black chopsticks.

Then pick out custom Japanese wall art that your kids will love to decorate their own rooms with. Give your son wall stickers that feature an illustration of two samurais seen as black silhouettes as they battle each other with swords in front of the rising sun flag of Japan. Then give your daughter Japanese wall art that depicts a pink lotus flower sprawling out its delicate petals and unveiling the bright orange pistils inside.

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