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Asian Bath Decor

Turn your bathroom into an amazing Asian styled space with a custom size shower curtain or bath towel.

From the special character-based writing system to the flowing curved roofs of temples, the distinct styles of Asian bath decor can make for a one of a kind bathroom. This artistic approach to design carries its own sense of distinction that sets Asian culture apart from the rest of the world, and you can take a slice of that culture to make your bathroom as placid as a koi pond. 

Asian characters carry with them a flowing form that works well for making a fashion statement. And, if our designs don't make that statement for you, then why not customize your own bath decor?  We offer full personalization options that will take your bath from a stark room into a dream space of falling petals, curving roofs, and still waters.  Try layering your vacation pictures over our abstract Asian flower backgrounds.  Reimagine our black and red dragons into symbols of yin and yang by altering color hues.  Put your name in your favorite Asian language below a breathtaking photo of Chinese lanterns.

Our bath decor is not relegated simply to shower curtains featuring the yin-yang symbol.  If you need a bath mat, why not add a Thai pattern of reds and whites in complex abstract shapes?  Use a towel featuring the picture of a rolling green terraced hill to dry yourself.  And, with our custom sizing options, you can dress a master bath to a half bath in the culture of your choice.  Watch out for meditating samurai and grand elephants as you brush your teeth and wash your face in any bathroom in the house.

This style can be made into a theme that will elevate any bathroom as high as a multi-tiered Japanese pagoda. Adding a personalized custom size shower curtain of this theme to create a calligraphic form of bathroom style ideal for any Asian themed bathroom.  Or, a bath mat could be the ideal centerpiece of a themed bathroom, especially if that bathmat features bamboo shooting into the sky.  Reimage your bathroom by highlighting its curves and natural appeal, just like the Asian architecture you feature on your shower curtain.  A natural design filled with many colorful branches and leaves in the orange hues of fall is sure to add a special touch to an Asian bath decor. Whereas a design featuring two Asian scribes in flowing robes amongst a beautiful garden on a wall mural is a unique way to evolve your bathroom into a theme fresh as dew collecting on stacked stones.

VisionBedding's Asian bath decor is perfectly suited for those of us that are impressed and captivated by the whimsical yet serious cultural trappings of Asia.  You can make all the bathrooms in your house feel like outdoor pools with rose petals floating on their surfaces.  Try out our vast array of soothing Asian images--we are sure that you'll be reminded of your favorite cultures in your everyday life.  If you can't travel to Asia, then at least bring some of it into your home with your breathtaking bath decor. 

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