Asian Wall Art

Custom sized wall art in dozens of Asian designs. All of VisionBedding's designs can be personalized and turned into an assortment of wall art products from wall stickers to canvas gallery wraps.

If you have ever taken a brief look at some of the most popular Asian works of art on anyone's wall, you understand the meditative quality and allure these designs possess. Asian wall art transforms a normal, mundane room into an entirely new world. At the heart of all this theme are simplicity and serenity. From symbols of love, honor, and majesty to the landscapes of fishing boats on foggy waters, the images will trap you in an artsy place that you'll never want to leave.

Our designs range from serious to fun, from traditional to modern, but each one encapsulates the feeling of Asian culture.  If you're a lover of sushi and cartoons, try our wall murals with animated sushi chefs at work.  If carp and koi are more your style, then why not a tapestry full of traditional-looking wood-cut koi in a pond?  Not only do we offer a variety of artistic images, but we also allow full personalization and customization so that your room can be elevated in style as high a three-story Japanese pagoda.  Customize your art by tailoring the hue and color to better match the rest of your home decor, from your pillow cases to your floor rugs.  Try a reimagining of our abstract art murals by adding your own pictures to the mix.  You can even get art with traditional Japanese words and add on their English translations for a timeless look and cultural connection.

VisionBedding's Asian wall art comes in enough sizes that you can find the right fit for any wall, whether that was is a Japanese fusuma or not!  We offer custom size wall murals in an Asian theme replete with tropical leaves, tapestries and wall murals emblazoned with snarling dragons, and gallery canvas wraps with glittering paper lanterns.  Pick the size and product that is right for you and your Asian cultural adventure will begin.

This wall art can also be combined and matched with other art to create a breathtaking and calming theme in any room of your home.  Make a room full of abstract flowered art, or one that features Asian architecture from all around the continent.  You could even try a variety of different artistic styles to give a collected vibe to the most artistic room in your home.

Our wall art is perfect for a fine art lover who also is a student of Asian culture.  Let yourself be moved and motivated by our breathtaking Asian cultural images, and relax into your home that can double as a museum.  Our Asian wall art is sure to bring you back to those vacation days, or bring you into a headspace that is calm and collected as the stacked rocks shining on your walls.  

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