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Bowling Bath Decor

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Enjoy a great sport with these custom bowling bath decor! Add uniqueness to your bathroom while showcasing your love for this sport. Choose between many different images that can be transformed into fun bowling shower curtains, bowling towels or bowling bath mats. A featured design has the word bowling at the bottom in bold, black font. Three pins sit in the center with a red dotted background.

Try a goofy look with the graphic of a single pin with a funny expression on its face. Get a contemporary design with the artistic graphic of a ball that has a silhouetted figure in a bowling position behind it. Colorful ribbons and patterns flow around ball and figure on a black background.

Try a dramatic look with the graphic of a bowling ball engulfed in flames as it strikes through the bowling pins and leaves a trail of fire behind it. Other stylish graphics are also available such as one featuring a shiny, black ball with the pins surrounding it. A light shines behind the set causing bright blue beams of light to cascade over the pins and ball.

Another unique graphic features a black wall that a bowling ball has just blasted through leaving a trail of flames and a hole in the wall. A graphic that would make a fun shower curtain is the one with the 3D word Bowling on a white background. The O is replaced with a ball and the I is replaced with a bowling pin.

Or see the image of two black figures competing in a bowling match. Each is about to thrust their ball down the lane. A banner above their heads says Bowling and has a pair of bowling shows and bags next to it.

At the end of the bowling lanes sits the pins waiting to be knocked over.

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