Balloon Shower Curtains & Bath Decor

Change your bathroom into a charming Balloon themed sanctuary with a customized shower curtain or bath towel.

Balloons are a symbol of unbridled joy, wandering, fragility, and colorfulness. Both Children and adults enjoy the beauty and fun of balloons, and you can now make balloons a permanent part of you and your family's life with our balloon bath Decor. For your custom size shower curtains, choose a complex and dynamic design, such as a barrage of pastel red, green, yellow and blue balloons ascending towards a blue sky with a scattering of white clouds, or an illustrated tree with a black trunk and black branches covered with pink, yellow, orange and green balloons, as well as purple and green hearts, yellow sunflowers, blue butterflies and more. Not only can we watch and play with balloons, but there are some that we can even fly in.

Celebrate these amazing inventions of balloon bath decor with bath mats displaying a photo of a curvy blue and white striped hot air balloon floating in a cloudy white and blue sky, with the balloon and sky reflected down across a rippled lake. Then pick another balloon design for towels, featuring a bright and happy image such as a close up of a hot air balloon covered in diagonal rainbow stripes of blue, yellow, orange, red, purple and green in a perfect blue sky, a cluster of dark and light blue balloons set loose to fly as their curly ribbon tails bounce below them, or a bouquet of red, pink and white balloons tied together with a red bow. You can also lay a personalized balloon rug in front of your bathroom door to match your bath decor and the color theme outside your bathroom. And you can also make a romantic gift with these balloon bath decor, featuring black silhouettes of a young guy and girl leaning towards each other to kiss, with their faces visible through a big heart-shaped pink balloon that floats between them, as the girl holds a small pink gift behind her back and the guy holds a pink rose behind his.

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