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Balloon Blankets

Balloons are fun to play with and beautiful to watch floating through the air. Enjoy these timeless toys everyday by decorating your home with our custom balloon blankets. Balloons are a symbol of freedom, because of their flight, but also of chaos, because their random movements, and fragility, because they eventually deflate or burst. Choose a furry fleece blanket depicting dozens of red, yellow, blue and purple balloons dancing towards the clouds beneath a blue sky, a bundle of heart-shaped balloons tied together and lifting a ribbon off the grass, or a rainbow of balloons flying into the air as their colorful strings and a barrage of confetti float behind them.

Make a giant birthday card by giving a blanket designed with balloons and a blank space to put a name and birthday greeting for someone special. There are some balloons big enough for a human to ride beneath in a basket. Do you remember when you were a kid and you saw a hot-air balloon soaring over your neighborhood for the first time? Did you try to follow it to see it for as long as possible? Now you can see them displayed, in such scenes as the underside of a hot-air balloon and basket as it drifts into the heavens or multiple hot airs balloons flying over a lake, their colorful reflections visible in the water below.

We also have red heart balloons designs beside a nearly kissing bride and groom, illustrated children hanging onto balloons and elevating off the ground, and balloons with goofy, bulging cartoon eyes. Bring the joy of balloons to your family with our balloon blankets.

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