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Places Bath Decor

Our Places Bath Décor consists of pictures from all around the world as well as general images of beautiful locations. Go on an African safari to see elephants, lions, deer, giraffes, zebras, and tigers, but remember to lock your door. Give yourself the motivation to safe money to go to Africa by looking at the map of the continent.

Another country you should visit is Australia, but why should you go? The silhouette of a kangaroo hopping into the air under a reddish-orange sky sums up the reason why you should visit the country. If your definition of discovering a country means hunting for amusement parks, refer to the image of a crazy rollercoaster ride. You can spend your time free time on the beach, sitting by the ocean on a beautiful and mesmerizing day.

You can spend your time exploring the desert in Egypt on a camel. You can travel to the country to see the ancient pyramids. If you are Italian and an owner of an Italian restaurant, you can decorate your restrooms with images of Italy and its cuisine.
Do you like to watch movies or have a home theatre? Our Hollywood bath décor will look perfect in your bathroom. You can place images of movie reels and the red carpet when you host movie night at home. If you want, you can customize the bath décor with a picture.

Design your bathroom in a unique and stylish way with places themed interior design that reflects your personal charm. Keeping your shower curtains, bath rugs, and even towels all designed in a specially personalized theme will give you a blissful feeling when you walk in. Shop through VisionBedding.com’s plethora of designs that you can’t get anywhere else online. We at Vision Bedding have over 800 different designs for everything bathroom, from specifically sized shower curtains to bath rugs - even the beach towels can fit in!

Making a unique places bathroom is straightforward with all of our design options, but you definitely don’t want to redo the process often. That’s why it’s imperative to invest in unbeatable quality items at a fantastic value, like our water-resistant fabric shower curtains that will fight against water residue and preserve their beautiful colors for as long as you love them. Fabric brings texture and zen into a bathroom visually and functionally. The durable, quiet and pliable shower curtain material makes entering and exiting the bath/shower easy. You’ll always want a sturdy, but soft bath rug to step on. Not just to love on your tootsies, but to absorb the water and defend your flooring. Our bath mats are designed with a plush top fabric and a non slip rubber pad on the underside to keep your serenity cave...serene. Add pizzazz to your bath decor with a personally designed beach towel hung in the best accent spot, and you’ll have the places themed oasis you’ll happily enter and hesitate to leave.

Now that you know what to look for in good quality products, you can start the designing process. Even with over 500 options in our inventory, you may actually decide to upload a photo to be put on our bathroom decor. We will happily do that! With our personalization options, you can use any of your own photographs or even organize a photomontage of places prints. You can also modify the dimensions of any shower curtain, fitting it perfectly to any bath size.

With a one of a kind shower curtain, a personalized bath mat and a collection of vacation-ready places beach towels, your restroom will appear to have gone through a glorious transformation. Bath towels work just as wonderfully for wall decor as they do for practical use. Draping a personally designed bathroom towel over a rack will add another seasoning of places style to your lavatory, looking just like a piece of art on a wall. However, nothing will steal the show like your places shower curtain! Now go shopping and let's get to personalizing!

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