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Places Backdrops

Looking for that special photographer backdrop to make your studio out shine your competition.  We carry over 450 Places themed patterns to choose from which can create a really imaginative photo shoot.  Everyone of our photographer backdrops can be made in a custom size from small as a few feet to to as wide as you need. We have the capacity to create a massive backdrop for your retail store or even a set of theatre curtains as well.  We have mutliple backdrop materials to serve a wide range of projects from outdoor use to full black out, to protect from the sun.

The world that we live in is packed with different types of places, each having their own charm and beauty. Our places backdrops showcase numerous popular places that people desire to visit and explore. These backdrops are great for events themed around a particular location or place. Our Australia backdrops showcase a kangaroo jumping across the field during sunset. The reason that this backdrop gives Australian vibes is that kangaroos are national animals of Australia and found in abundance throughout the continent.
Our beach backdrops on the other hand have a Hawaiian touch to them and showcase the serene beauty of the beach. If you are organizing a beach themed party, these backdrops can serve as impressive backgrounds for the photo booth. Our Egyptian backdrops showcase the fascinating pyramids. These pyramids were built to burry Pharaohs and their families along with all their valuables and jewels. The biggest pyramid seen in the middle is the pyramid of Giza, which is also the oldest of all the pyramids.
The Las Vegas backdrops showcase cards and the famous game of poker which many love to play. If you are arranging a party for your friends where you have poker, this backdrop will be perfect to set the mood and add to the theme of the event. And if you are organizing a movie night, our Hollywood backdrops will make your event much more interesting. If you can’t find the place that you want to be printed on your backdrops, simply upload the image and get a customized backdrop.

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