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Places Backdrops

The world that we live in is packed with different types of places, each having their own charm and beauty. Our places backdrops showcase numerous popular places that people desire to visit and explore. These backdrops are great for events themed around a particular location or place. Our Australia backdrops showcase a kangaroo jumping across the field during sunset. The reason that this backdrop gives Australian vibes is that kangaroos are national animals of Australia and found in abundance throughout the continent.

Our beach backdrops on the other hand have a Hawaiian touch to them and showcase the serene beauty of the beach. If you are organizing a beach themed party, these backdrops can serve as impressive backgrounds for the photo booth. Our Egyptian backdrops showcase the fascinating pyramids. These pyramids were built to burry Pharaohs and their families along with all their valuables and jewels. The biggest pyramid seen in the middle is the pyramid of Giza, which is also the oldest of all the pyramids.

The Las Vegas backdrops showcase cards and the famous game of poker which many love to play. If you are arranging a party for your friends where you have poker, this backdrop will be perfect to set the mood and add to the theme of the event. And if you are organizing a movie night, our Hollywood backdrops will make your event much more interesting. If you can’t find the place that you want to be printed on your backdrops, simply upload the image and get a customized backdrop.

Even if it's a formal wedding or a relaxed event, places planned happenings are even more memorable with a custom backdrop for pictures! VisionBedding’s picture backdrops can be ordered in a variety of styles with over 750 images to pick from. Whether you’re desiring a simple background, an eye catching splash of color, or possibly a 3D style, Vision Bedding’s places backdrops have a little of everything for any person.

VisionBedding.com’s customary and custom-sized backgrounds are designed with outstanding nonreflective fabric and inked with eco friendly water-based dye that will stand up, preventing tearing and dulling. Easy to launder, they’ll be easy on maintenance but high on visual impact. Whether it is some places mural for your store, a curtain to hide a door opening, or a background for professional photo studios, you’ll need bright colors, authentic details, measurements that will easily go in a variety of spaces, and supplies that will endure. That’s what makes VisionBedding.com’s special order cloth backgrounds such an unbelievable find. We sell larger scaled, quality murals to make larger effects that you can utilize regularly.

At VisionBedding, you can produce custom places backdrops and get precisely what you and your clients want. Let’s say you run a big photography studio and accommodate a large group of clients on a regular basis. If this is you, you might want to get an oversized backdrop to comfortably fit everyone. Our customizable option allows you to choose precisely the height and width that you need. Choose between a pole pocket or grommets for displaying your backdrop. If you can’t find the places themed backdrop that you are looking for, let VisionBedding.com help you make one. Specially personalize your backdrop by changing colors, repeating patterns or adding letters. If you want a unique backdrop, choose a personal photo and allow us to make a one of a kind product your models will be proud to pose in front of.

For a sensational style that can transform with the times of the year, your photography client, or even your mood, you’ll find a tremendous asset in a custom ordered VisionBedding.com places backdrop. Keep some in your picture studio to change for clients’ many designs and opinions. Hang them on an unused wall to drive home some places style in your business, or if you absolutely need to be unique, set up an irresistible places picture spot for guests at your next get together.

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