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Hollywood Backdrops

What better way to make your photography subjects feel beautiful and glamorous than by posing them in front of our Hollywood backdrops? These photographer backdrops are also popular with film buffs and anyone who loves to sit in the cool darkness of a movie theater and revel in the action, drama and humor of their favorite Hollywood blockbusters. Pose a group of friends in front of the stunning skyline of downtown Los Angeles. This one of a kind cityscape is featured on Hollywood backdrops that show massive skyscrapers rising into a purple, orange, pink and yellow sky at sunset. Thousands of lights are beginning to sparkle as the day darkens, shining like the stars that live in the mansions of Hollywood.

Focus on just one star with a portable backdrop that shows a Walk of Fame style red star outlined in gold on a textured deep gray background. For your clients who are fascinated by the inner workings of movie making, offer our photo backdrops that picture two silver reels with a spool of golden film arcing between them. The background of this custom backdrop is illuminated by a bright white spotlight.

Next, let your subjects enjoy the perfect weather of Southern California with a photographer backdrop that shows the streets of Hollywood on a typical sunny afternoon. In this scene, you're looking straight up at tall green palm trees set against a clear blue sky. Finally, capture the movie theater experience with Hollywood backdrops that depict the treats your clients love to snack on while watching the silver screen.

A big red and white striped classic popcorn box is sitting hot and buttery beside a huge cup of soda and a pair of movie tickets in front of a red stage curtain. Impress your customers the moment they walk in your studio door by displaying these backdrop designs and more on our Hollywood themed window curtains and rugs.

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