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We have all sorts of places that we want to travel to in our lives. Perhaps you’ve got some great memories of important places that you have been to. No matter what the reason might be, you can order one of VisionBedding's great places rugs today.

Our places carpet rugs feature pictures of some of the most relaxing and enjoyable sites in the world like oceans, rainforests or mountains. The designs include scenes of forests with pictures of bright sunlight and tall, arching trees all around. We also have designs with beautiful rock formations and mountains all around. We have scoured the world to find picture of amazing real-life sites that deserve to be highlighted in their own patterns.

A few beach and city landscapes can be found on our places rugs as well. There are lighthouses and waterfalls.  Or try some nice indoor shots of offices and other professional places. These could be ideal if you are familiar with certain settings and you want to get one of these spots highlighted on a floor mat.

The model of floor covering you choose can create the mood for the entire space. Whether you go with a simple scheme or bright scheme, the rug you select will have a great impact on the living space you’re creating. With more than 500 options on hand, there are numerous options to decide from while searching for your perfect rug. Ranging from area rugs of various dimensions to circular rugs for every living space, there are a multitude of different styles of rugs, like lush rugs, for you to make use of in order to bring your dream places themed living room to fruition.

Given that a floor covering can provide a resounding perceivable effect in your places space, picking the appropriate shade and pattern is a must. At, not only do we allow customization for the size of your rug, but you can also customize the colors, and because we employ quality materials and an eco-friendly, water-based pigment for our tailor-made floor coverings, you can be sure that perfect shade continues to be beautiful. However a rug is not merely pretty to look at. It can bring softness to your space, deliver a comfy sitting area or recreational area for your little ones and preserve your flooring. While it’s doing all of that, it is taking a pounding. That is why a rug needs to be strong, easy to clean and superior--an overall good deal.’s floor coverings are constructed with quality fabrics stitched at the borders to deter raveling and use anti-skid lining or non-slip runners to avoid safety issues and incessant rearranging. With a fast vacuum, soap-and-water clean, or even machine laundering for our area rugs, you can maintain your places center element and keep it appearing just as beautiful as the day you laid it on the floor. wants to help you create the exact places rug for you. We offer numerous customization options so your rug will perfectly match your decor. Our customizable rug sizes allow you to make rugs in any width from 30 to 72 inches and any height from 20 to 48 inches. If you want a bigger places rug, look at our customized floor rugs, which can be personally sized up to 120x200 inches. You can create your own design by adding text or uploading an image and letting VisionBedding to turn it into the perfect rug. All our rugs are dyed with eco-friendly dyes that do not fade and do not modify the texture of the fabric. Your photograph will be clear and crisp for a unique pop of color in your place.

Using rugs to add dimension to your room can bring a brand new vantage to your places themed space. Rugs can be used as highlighting features usually positioned beneath a table with a davenport or couch placed on its edge. However, they can additionally be utilized in a more original manner, e.g. a hall scatter rug or as an added covering in addition to a previously positioned floor covering. Selecting a special places floor covering offers you full authority over your style allowing you to choose the place and how much dimensionality you intend to add to your living space.

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