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Amusement Park Rugs

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Throw down some summer fun with an amusement park rug. Get the ups and downs of lifes colorful roller coaster firmly underfoot in swooping curves of yellow against cloud brushed bright blue skies. Put that dizzy dancing feeling in the room with cartoon abandonment or a blurred spin of color and shape beneath bright soft neon bulbs precisely arrayed in an arcing green palm. Dangle in the sky at the end of a wire in a flying circle and watch the world rush by.

Put the moons and Junes of the amusement park on your area rugs and look at ferris wheels from both sides now. Look up at the yellows and greens of pink-gloved robots doing handstands on a pale pink ferris wheel loop with lots of legs reaching for the sky. Look down at the park glowing with its promise of fun beneath you.

Feel that relaxation of slowly circling into the sky, rising closer and closer to the stars, dangling there suspended, with the cool night air on your bare arms and damp neck, before ever so slowly dropping back down to step out onto the carpet of a park buzzing with more amusement. Ride a painted pony into the night.

Step into some cool water at an aqualand of waves and slides. Whatever floats your boat, from a tunnel log to a covered raft suspended in the sky, these custom size park rugs are just the ticket for the rides you plan to enjoy again and again.

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