Map Rugs

Largest choices of Map themed home rugs. Each print can be a special size, or rug type such as a round rug.

Maps represent the places we've been and the places we want to go in the world, and now you have the chance to experience a map as more than just a piece of paper or even a globe, but spread across your entire floor, with our custom map rugs. What part of the planet fascinates you the most? How about South America, with its mix of European and indigenous cultures, ancient temples, colossal Amazonian rainforest, towering Andes mountains and endless coastlines? Choose a custom sized rug displaying a photo image of South America as seen from space, as depicted on a vintage globe or a modern 3d one, or a classic map design with each country a different color, whether light pastels, rich primary colors, or earthy grays and browns.

Or do you prefer the history and cuisine of Europe, where you can visit several countries in one day, take in world class museums, use a common currency and hear many languages spoken? Then choose an area rug that showcases some of the biggest countries in Europe: Italy, England, France, Spain and more colored in deep brown, blue, red, grey and orange, or a satellite image of the continent. What about the land down under, Australia? Decorate with a map rug depicting the Australian flag rendered in the shape of the map of this island continent, a map distinguishing the Australian provinces in subtle shades of grey and white, or the map colored rust red and adorned with a hopping tan kangaroo. Cover your living room with a carpet rug showing a map of all of vast Asia, from Saudi Arabia to Russia, from India to Indonesia, colored tan, yellowish orange, blood red, green and more. We also have map rugs featuring Africa, the United States of America, and ones for many other individual countries.

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