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Map Window Curtains

Drape your board room windows with custom size maps and have your own window on the world. Silhouette your executives against a bright aqua map of the world, or spread your work force out around a silvery planet. Bring the world into view in sunset tones, looking more like splotches of land on Mars than on Earth. Set your sights on new frontiers with a world map on your window curtains. You say you want a revolution? Stick with China and its flag in the shape of its country with a dozen Chairman Maos looking back at you from money. Celebrate Asia with that Oriental red and gold, China’s colors of power and wealth. Have it hide like a dragon in fiery colors on a traditional globe with its turquoise seas and emerald forests. Zero in on Japan, or India, with a whimsical abstract touch of green and gold at your windows.

See Africa as anything but a dusty dry continent with blue on blue map curtains. Let it hang in peach and sage. Make it red and vibrant or golden on a hot planet. Swirl the Earth’s seas around its deserts in black space and hang them on your walls in custom size map themed window curtains. Maybe it’s Australia that deserves to shine on custom size map curtains. Put Down Under on top of the world. Hang its cities in a word collage like a subway network. Hop a milk chocolate kangaroo across the heart of a dark brown Oz. Crayon its flag with urban design. Spell it out across your walls in pastel pinks and aquas on map themed window curtains. Do a little globe-trotting and map out your dreams with this far-reaching collection of custom designs.

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