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Brooklyn Bridge Backdrops

Few things say Brooklyn like their very famous bridge. Holding meaning for people everywhere, its image ignites both personal memories and the march of New York City history. Luckily through Visions, gorgeous Brooklyn Bridge backdrops are available. Ever been stuck in Manhattan trying to get to Brooklyn? "Yo Taxi!"

Check out the very cool backdrop called Taxi Cab Crossing Brooklyn Bridge. Great for either contemporary or traditional settings, it's an interesting work in black and white perspective with a hint spot color. Depicted is that classic yellow cabbie rolling across the bridge with the heights of Manhattan standing tall in the background.

The image, artistically skewed to emphasize viewpoint and design, is an industrial maze of beams, structure and style, that underlines the crosstown strength that is the bridge. A piece to be proud of, choose your size and even customize, you'll love it. Like modern art? Mix it with pulp genre and throw in this theme! In the Pulp Art Backdrop, you're reminded of the color and themes notable in pulp magazines of the 1950's.

An eye-catching piece, the background begins with a muted purplish fuchsia that is seemingly torn to reveal wood pulp itself. Splashes, spills and dabs of black color land like spilt ink, partially covering a stylized bridge, noticeable here only for its high rising tower. What you wouldn't expect to say about this image is that though industrial, it's pretty. It just works! And what's more, it's another backdrop from Visions that fits well into a living room, bedroom or office, where there's a modern feel or a romantic sense of passion about something, be it work or play.

These are just two of the many fabulous Brooklyn Bridge Backdrops. Make one a centerpiece. There's a space calling.

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