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1950s Backdrops

The 50s were a time of such optimism and confidence that the decade still has a nostalgic feel for people today. Remember this piece of charming past by taking photos in front of 1950s backdrops at your next theme party. Show your love of old time rock n roll, AM radio, friendly diners, and American road trips on a custom backdrop featuring designs and photos of these nostalgic motifs.

We offer standard sized and custom sized backdrops that will provide any professional photographer the vintage touch they need at a photo shoot.  Sock-hops, old-fashioned microphones, and Route 66 are just some of our many options. All of our 1950s era backdrops come in a standard size, but you can also customize your size to fit your shoot.  Maybe you want a sock-hop photo with a poodle-skirt background to rival the one worn by your subject. You can personalize your shoot in vintage hues and Delta Blues.

One of the most famous aspects of the fifties was the big, sturdy and stylish America made cars. Our designs feature the legendary vehicles of the golden age of automobiles. Let your kids experience this era at their next dress-up party with a custom size backdrop design of vintage cars like a pickup truck painted powder blue, with rays of light streaming over the bright background. Back then, before all of the chain restaurants that now dominate the highways, mom and pop diners served mashed potatoes, eggs, and milkshakes. Many of these retro restaurants are displayed on our unique 1950s backdrop designs, including one with black and white checkerboard floors, and shiny black bar stools set against a lunch counter. 

Route 66 is near and dear to the hearts of many road-trippers of this era, and there are a few great backdrops featuring this famous highway. If you want to celebrate the soulful sounds of the good old days, include the jukebox and Wurlitzer designs. Whether you are a professional photographer, an amateur, or simply someone looking to relive the glory days, these fifties designs will be perfect for you.

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