1950s Wall Art

Custom size wall art in over a thousand of 1950s patterns. Also all of our prints can be personalized and turned into an assortment of wall art products from wall murals to gallery wraps.

Travel back in time to the 1950s by hanging up vintage 1950s themed wall art in your home. It will add a little more touch and retro vibe when you throw in a uniquely designed rug. Check out a featured vintage, old-school truck with a patterned, blue striped background. Or see other vehicle images such as the 1957 classic red and white Chevrolet or the vintage 1953 Ford pickup with orange and yellow flames. Enjoy designs with vintage jukeboxes, microphones, and numerous vehicles.

Take a ride through a beach city in a teal 57 Chevy with palm trees waving in the background, displayed nicely with a wall mural. Or how about dressing up your walls with a canvas displaying an old vintage diner with a blue Chevrolet and a red Corvette. Hang a tapestry showing a classic diner with an orange accent wall, sleek black countertop, vintage stools, and black and white checkered floors on your wall.  Surely this will inspire a great time in your home. How about an up-close photo of a vintage row of cafe stools with orange upholstery as a great wall hanging? Or maybe you would like an up-close shot of an old diners neon sign as a large wall mural.

Create personalized 1950s themed wall art by adding any text in the color of your choice and even your own images. By creating a truly unique room styled in 50s decor will be like the start of an adventure. 

Custom size wall art is available in all our fifties designs so you can match the size to your room.  Try an artistic appeal with a wall art displaying a beach sign featuring many wooden street arrows with colorful hand-painted, exotic destinations.

Try using 1950s wall art to make themed rooms. Add to the fun with a 1950s wall mural of a woman on her clothing styled from the era, sitting on a lonely highway with her suitcase waiting for a ride. See the past in the present with a wall art design of a rundown gas station with vintage pumps that are long past their glory days. We have pillows, bedding, and more to match this beautiful art.  

With all these designs available, your walls will look beautiful and will provide your home a nostalgic feeling from the golden days of the 1950s!

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