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Golden Gate Bridge Bath Decor

Golden Gate Bridge Shower Curtains

Bath Mats, Towels, - Decorate Your Whole Bathroom!

From the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco provides you with a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean as well as the beautiful landscape of the city. When you cross the Golden Gate Bridge, you have officially reached the city. The “welcome to San Francisco” bath décor held up by two hands in front of the bridge will look perfect as bath mats or towels at diners located near the bridge.
If you have never had the chance of seeing the Golden Gate Bridge, you can view the beauty of the bridge at all times of the day in our collection. At night, when the bridge is lit up and the ocean looks purplish-blue, the structure looks truly exquisite. The aerial view of the structure from above shows you a beautiful navy blue sky with a full moon, shining its light down upon the bridge.
From below, near the ocean, the bridge appears even more impressive, as waves comes ashore to splash over the black rocks, aligned in a straight row to keep the water at bay. From the sandy beach, you can see the Golden Gate Bridge from a distance. Have you seen the bridge during the day?
It is remarkable how the bridge transforms at night and day. At night, the bridge looks like an imposing structure, but in the day, the tall red pillars of the structure give off a magnificent and a peaceful feel. The calm waters below the bridge enhance the structure’s beauty. You can personalize the bath décor as well.

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