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Golden Gate Bridge Window Curtains

Golden Gate Bridge styled custom size curtains are available in ANY size you desire, in sheer or sun block out fabric.

Cover your windows with the reddest Golden Gate Bridge in the city that is booming with people that are coming to and from the city on a daily basis. The clouds that are up in the distance, and coming down to close the top of the bridge is where you’re going to find the bridge and all the people using it. Whether you’re in the clouds, down on the bride, on the sandy beaches or the buildings off in the distance, the photo captures the beauty that a lot of people do not get to see.

The bright colors stand out, they make a statement across the blue waters, the light blue and white skies and the shadows of the sky scrapers off in the distance. Though, the red of the bridge makes the rest of the background fall into place while it jumps out of the picture and into the room that it is placed in. This is how the Golden Gate Bridge is able to gain so much attention, because of the bright, vibrant color that can be perfectly captured in just about any picture that is taken.

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