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Cityscape Window Curtains

Aside from the fact that they make it easy to represent your geographical location indoors, there are a number of reasons one might want to use cityscape window curtains as decor. Simply stated, they are quite stylish and modern. Additionally, they can be used to bring an urban appeal to your decor or simply be viewed as a piece of modern art on the window rather than the wall. The Brooklyn Bridgeis sure to strike a chord with anyone from the New York area.

Seeing its picture will certainly remind a New Yorker of home in all its glory. Cityscape window curtains designed with an image of the Brooklyn Bridge at night against the skyline of the city as it is all lit up make for beautiful pieces of art to add to the room. Guests will love to see all the city lights glowing and reflecting off the water.

Similarly, those from the south can represent their homes as well. There are drapes which allow Floridians to pay homage to the Miami heartland with designs which show off the Miami Biscayne Bay. In this picture, the city is lit up against the darkened sky at dusk and we are able to see the neon highway leading into the city.

Pictures like these are very reminiscent of home. People from all over the country can appreciate photographic drapes adorned with the image of the Statue of Liberty. While those from the northern Jersey and New York area might feel a bit more at home with it, everyone thinks of this woman standing tall as a representative of the United States.

This makes for the perfect addition to any modern room and captures a larger scope of the idea of home. Teenagers with more colorful rooms might be more privy to abstract cityscape curtains. Decorating a room with urban decorations is very young, hip, and modern.

Therefore, graphic design images of tall skyscrapers against a thin-striped background and many colorful floral burst decorations would be perfect for a teen girl's bedroom along with a rug with a colorful urban image. It brings a sense of cool to the room without being too girly. Cityscape window curtains are, luckily, a fairly universal concept.

They can be used in virtually any room of the house and serve many functions. This type of design is great for updating the theme of a teenager's bedroom into one that is more cool and modern. Cityscape curtains are also ideal for representing a place that reminds you of home, whether you live there, have moved or way, or dream of moving to a certain city.

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