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Cityscape Bath Decor

Cityscape Shower Curtains

Bath Mats, Towels, - Decorate Your Whole Bathroom!

There often is not enough wall space to add a piece of modern art to the bathroom without having it look crowded. To make the style look contemporary and chic, cityscape bath decor is the perfect touch. They make the curtain of your shower into a canvas upon which to portray a photograph or image that brings the whole room together without creating a sense of clutter. One appeal of cityscape shower curtains is that anyone can appreciate them.

They can portray aerial images, trademark locations or skylines of any city you know and love. Thus, they are great for representing a hometown or bringing you back to a certain place and time. Meanwhile, they do so without appearing tacky -- in fact, the city look is incredibly modern and stylish as a design scheme.

While some people enjoy the scenes of buildings, others prefer a bit more simplicity. That is why there are designs which focus more on famous bridges. There are some bridges which have architectural characteristics that everyone knows and associates with certain cities.

Therefore, they are not overwhelmingly urban in appearance, but are still a great way to have a constant reminder of the place you call home. Shapes of skylines, buildings and skyscrapers are fun to play with for artists because there are so many directions in which they can be taken. By increasing the contrast on the images of buildings and skylines, an urban-looking silhouette is created, and the artist can add in his own color.

Some of these artistic approaches to these contemporary shower curtains are ideal for the bathrooms of college students. Urban style is extremely popular in fashion at the moment. Thus, some of these unique shower curtains portray city images which look like they have been spray-painted.

Reminiscent of street art, this brings urban appeal to a room, making it appear very contemporary and stylish. This is a look that anyone can appreciate, regardless of age, gender, or interests. These decor are undeniably cool and up-to-date.

They are perfect for putting art into a bathroom that might appear to be too small for wall decorations. Additionally, it is a sophisticated way to pay homage to your home city or a place that holds great memories. It is easy to bring the feel of the city life into your interior design scheme by adding this quick and easy touch to the bathroom.

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