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Golden Gate Bridge Bedding

The Golden Gate Bridge is an inviting place to be, and overwhelming for some to drive over but it is also a beautiful place to capture in a photo that you can put on your bedding, pillows, rugs, window curtains and more. Through the use of the photos, both in bright colors and black and white, you can choose one that captures the hustle and bustle that happens on the streets. One of the pictures shows an empty bridge, while another captures the everyday movement that happens to and from the city.

The bright city lights welcome you, from a long journey across the bridge, and guide you to the way you’re supposed to go. The city lights can be seen brightly lit in the background of the black and white photos that stand out, while the gate looks dark, and the highlights provide little white lights across it. The glistening of the moon on the water shines bright, under the bridge that has a lot of shadow and darkness surrounding it from the dark hues of color that overshadow it.

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