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Cat Bath Decor

Redecorate your bathroom into a charming Cat styled vision with a custom size shower curtain or towel.

Cats have been a treasured companion to humans since ancient Egypt, and even before that. Give your bathroom the beauty of cats with our cat shower curtains, towels and bath mats. With their heartbreaking cuteness and hilarious antics, kittens bring us joy like nothing else. Put a smile on your face by looking at shower curtains displaying a kitten even when you'd rather be in bed than getting ready for school or work.

Enjoy the sight of a gray and white British shorthair kitten practicing his hunting skills as he darts his tail to the side and swipes his little paw after an unseen target. Feel tender and happy when you look at cat shower curtains showing an adorable black and brown striped kitten with a white belly gazing up with sweetness and curiosity in her big blue eyes. If you prefer the wisdom and independence of adult cats, we also have what you need.

Choose a bath mat featuring the face and shoulders of an orange and white cat gazing alertly at its prey or an unwelcome intruder. This handsome cat is wearing a black collar with a tiny brass bell hanging from it as he sits under a blue and white sky. Select a bath mat that displays the head of a big gray and white cat that is staring straight at you with its intense green eyes.

Or decorate your bathroom with a mat that contrasts a solid black cat with yellow eyes to a white background. Then give your kids each a custom towel that features a cartoon cat. If they love Halloween, give them a towel with a skinny black cat pictured at night in front of a huge full moon, with a haunted house seen in the distance.

Or give them a towel depicting three cartoon kittens smiling next to a garbage can and full of fish bones.

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