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Kitten Bath Decor

Kitten Shower Curtains

Bath Mats, Towels, - Decorate Your Whole Bathroom!

Start your day with the softness of kittens on custom shower curtains. Leave a soft silvery white kitten between two puffs of brown, all competing for the most beautiful teal eyes, in a towel-lined basket left in the garden. Let a tabby imagine the gray mouse it has pinned under its enormous paw. Leave a little gray kitten up to its shoulders in green grass wondering what on earth that was.

Put glowing eyes of jade in an Obi-wan-Kenobe Anime cat and hunger on the striped faces of long whiskered kittens. Wake up to the big eyes and soft fluffs of fur that are kittens with custom shower curtains. Stretch the striped paws of a brown and white kitten across your bathroom floor like a hockey goalie on a custom bath mat.

Look into the gray eyes of a brown faced kitten resting its cheek against a ball of bright red wool, or the emerald eye of a soft brown cat looking at itself in the mirror. Reassure that little brown kitten that you wont leave it alone with that huge thing, the one with enormous teeth and a swatting tail. Leave a ginger cat flat on its back, or let it peek out from between planks of wood on custom kitten themed towels.

Leave a terrified expression on the face of a cocoa and cream puff ball uh oh, the dog just caught me in the dog bed. Wake to the warmth and softness of kittens and let their cuteness color your day.

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