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Choose By Color Bath Decor

Give yourself the treat of having a bathroom decorated in your favorite colors, because why should you enjoy anything less? We will make this possible with our choose by color bath decor. If you love the cool blueness of water, choose shower curtains displaying one of our many aqua designs, such as a photographic image from deep blue water as the sun shines through the surface above or an abstract pattern of aqua colored cubes. For a rich and bold shower curtain, choose burgundy, and select from images including the close up photo of a dahlia, a burgundy day lily with a yellow center and green stem set against a black background, or tulips and a blue sky seen from below. Turn your bathroom into a waterfall and river in a tropical forest with our green bath mats featuring a leaf dripping droplets into rippling water or a green butterfly soaring beside a white one through grass, plants and a greenish yellow sky.

You can also bring your favorite colors more intimately into your life with our towels decorated with yellow floral patterns such as a single Easter daffodil with its conical yellow center and flowing yellow petals or the close-up of a sunflower against a pure white background. Another popular color scheme for towels and bath mats is black and white, which makes for elegant designs including a geometric pattern of alternating black and white diamond shapes, the black silhouette of a nude girl lying on her stomach and writing in a notebook against a white background, or a black and white yin and yang symbol to give thoughtfulness to your bathroom. We also offer our custom shower curtains, towels and bath mats in other popular colors such as blue and brown, black, red, pink and black, orange floral, pink and brown, rainbow, pink, purple and more. Decorate your bathroom with whatever color you prefer and finish it with the same colored wall art to emphasize your love for this particular shade.

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