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Even those brightly colored leaves give off full color that you’d only find in the fall time. You can now enjoy the colors throughout the year when you choose to go with a fall color theme on your blankets. Choose pictures that show the yellows, reds and oranges that all mesh together on the leaves as they fall from the trees when the weather starts getting colder. This is a beautiful sight to see, especially when you're cuddling on your couch with your throw pillow and blanket next to the warm fire. 

Springtime also brings beauty and vividness.  The tulip colors are what so many people are after when it comes to a beautiful picture that meets the eye on a blanket.  On a gloomy cloudy day, it makes a difference in the way that you view the world, and all of the seasons in it. You can enjoy all that comes from being able to have the colors of the flowers on your couch blanket. You never have to worry about not having them stand out, the hues shine bright and beautifully all over the design. 

If you want comfort to come with you, you take your throw blanket. Not only any one--YOUR blanket--the throw that does not only warm you up, but evokes feelings of home, or of your choose by color themed home. Vision Bedding throw blankets do just that, and with style. Any of the 800 or more design choices can be applied to either our furry fleece blankets or our light throw blankets, and in usual 50” x 60” or 60” x 80” dimensions. If you need a different measurement, just request for it. Like a lot of’s other great products, we can individualize a nice choose by color fleece throw blanket just for you.

When you pull up a fleece throw blanket, the first thing you want to feel is softness.’s throws are made from comfy, durable fabrics, a superb value just what one needs to prevent a chill or only to snuggle up with for a nap. Your choose by color throw blankets will be noticeable. Supposing it is randomly arrayed over furniture in your living space or across your family or friends at a soccer match, you have to have a design that is first, outstanding and second, vibrant. An individualized Vision Bedding blanket will be a blanket that lasts long enough to become your loyal sidekick, your good luck charm...a tradition. Our colors are dyed directly into the cloth of our throw blankets and fleece blankets using an eco friendly water-based dye that will continue to be vibrant, even after washing. So that completely awesome pattern you had thought about forever and finally found at Vision Bedding, it’ll endure. That’s the caliber one gets with us.

Fine tune the colors of your selected choose by color pattern to suit your bedroom’s bedding. You may choose some images and extensive text on a current design and create something unique. The crispness of the pictures on VisionBedding’s picture blankets is top notch. If you have a specific image that you desire, you can provide your personal choose by color photo to print on your throws. When it comes to your individualized blanket design, plan it and we’ll create it for you.

Displaying a soft choose by color throw blanket onto your sofa or favorite armchair can add a little bit of style to your living room, typically since that throw blanket is one of a kind. Putting some choose by color fleece throw blankets on your bed will not simply keep you warm at night, it will make your space chic. Vision Bedding’s unique throws can add a warm personal style to any living space in your home.

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