Turn Your Pictures Into A Photo Blanket
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A Photo Blanket Makes A Unique Personalized Gift

There is nothing more exciting then watching someone open that special gift you gave to them! A personalized photo blanket with special photos of loved ones and pets makes an ultra special gift and brings smiles and memories that last forever. Whether you are going for that traditional knitted look with a woven blanket or the amazing photo clarity in a fleece blanket we have all the styles available to make your personalized throw exactly they way you envision!

Why VisionBedding Photo Blankets?
  • VisionBedding is the only place that has our very own "Vision Blankets" which are two layers thick and offer the best picture clarity on the market.
  • Use the Coolest Picture Collages for your blanket ranging from bright colors to stylish patterns - and all are free! If you truly want your photo throw to be unique and have that professional designer appeal there is no better option then choosing one of our exclusive collages.
  • You are able to choose where you want your pictures to go on the blanket and you get to confirm everything about your blanket before we make it.
  • Fast and helpful staff to ensure your picture blanket turns out just how you imagined - we have professional graphic designers who create your blanket with the instructions you provide and then you approve the design preview and can make unlimited changes until your satisfied!
  • No extra hidden charges - we do NOT charge extra for multiple pictures or any customization of your blanket!


Personalized Photo Blankets

Who could have ever thought there are various other ways of keeping your memories? We're not talking about photo albums here or those posts on your social media accounts. We mean photo blankets that can hold your favorite memory for you for a long time. Customizing a blanket with your very own pictures is one of the greatest ways to preserve the things that you want to remember. It's the best way to be in a moment that has already passed; reliving it day by day. You can even embrace it, wrap your fingers around it, feel the soft fabric of your memory against your skin. And then you just wait until the splurge of events come running back to you, and you can't help but smile as you remember it.


On the other hand, having your own photo blanket is not only limited to the memories you have created. You can also impart the things and places that you want to experience in your personalized photo throws. You can present the things you want to have, places you want to visit, and the people you want to meet. The sky's the limit when it comes to customizing your blanket with your own photos.

How to Customize your Photo Blankets

1. The Best Thing Ever

There are many ways to customize your blankets. First, think of the best thing that has happened to you that was caught on camera. It can be your graduation, prom, birthday, or any significant milestone in your life. You can say that thing was the best if you can still remember that moment until now. If you can still recall the exact time that moment happened. Besides, if it's the greatest thing that's ever happened in your life, you won't ever forget about it. That is why having it as your personalized photo throws will be amazing. It's like walking down memory lane time and time again but in the most comfortable way possible.

2. The Funniest Thing

Remember the funniest thing you did that you took a photo of. Having that on your photo blankets will be hilarious. You'll probably have stomach cramps from laughing too much every time you see it. Learning to laugh at yourself is a sign of a healthy mental state. Your family and friends can laugh at you as well, just don't bring out the most embarrassing one. Remember that there's a thin line between what's funny and what's embarrassing. Be sure not to cross that line or you will regret it. Well, come to think of it, you can place your most embarrassing memory on custom personalized blankets. Just don't let anyone who isn't close to you see it.


3. The Most Important Person

Find the photo of the most important person in your life. Having a custom photo blanket of that person can bring positive effects to your health. You'll always be of good cheer whenever you see them on your couch, looking the same as you last saw them in that photo. However, there are cases when it might not be a good idea. If the most important person in your life brings back sad and bitter memories, you might want to think of another that can bring you smiles. Besides, when that person is far away and you miss them, you can cuddle with their face on your throw anytime.

4. The Favorites

Snap a photo of your favorite place in the world to turn into a desirable photo blanket. It can be a place where nobody knows or a place where you and your friends always hang out. This place can be somewhere near you or in another country. If your favorite place is one you've never been to, you can always print out a picture of it from the web. You can constantly visit that place in your dreams as you sleep soundly under its sheets. Having a photo of the place you want to visit serves as a reminder for you to pursue that desire. So you see, picture blankets serve two purposes: one, to remind you of your sweet memories, and two, to urge you to make more significant ones.

5. The Hobby

Take a picture of your hobby, even the weirdest ones. But not those really weird things that are too graphic for the public to see. Hobbies like collecting stamps, seashells, writing, skiing, scuba diving, and more. Since having a photo blanket is all about revealing a bit of yourself, might as well get really personal. It's like putting a piece of yourself in those covers; completely vulnerable. On one hand, it's a great conversation starter when you have friends over. You'll never know, they might even have the same hobby as you. On the other hand, it might come out as an obsession to that hobby. But you can always explain that you only want to express how you spend your leisure time through your blankets.

6. The Pets

This is exclusive only to those who have pets. Pet owners can incorporate their darlings into their photo blankets in the cutest way possible. You can choose photos that you took yourself or pictures that were taken at a studio. Anything is fine as long as it captures the cutest profile of your favorite pet. Having their faces on your a bed blanket or a throw is another way of saying you appreciate their existence. Pets can be of really great help especially when you're going through a rough time. Their presence alone can bring you cheer and happiness. Suddenly, all your problems seem meaningless and unimportant. It's because you see how your pets perceive the world; to them, you are their world.


7. The Artists and Celebrities

Print out a photo of your favorite celebrity, band, or author. You may not notice but these people are actually your great influencers. The way you talk, dress, and think is the subtle combination of everything you have heard or seen from the people you idolize. If they brought upon positive impact in your life, having them for photo blanket throws can be a sign of gratitude. This customization is often popular amongst teenagers. Fangirling is something that they do whenever they see their beloved boy bands on TV or elsewhere. Imagine the number of screams and shrieks they will let out upon seeing blankets with the faces of their favorite guys on it.


For those with a more literary root in their genes, having their favorite book's cover on their blanket will be literally mind-blowing. Getting them printed on their shirts is one thing, but having them printed on a blanket is a completely different dimension. Bookworms and bibliophiles will probably have tons of custom photo blankets to be printed because there is no such thing as a single favorite book. They have lots of them, with authors, characters, and storylines that they adore.

8. The Family

Find your best family picture and have them on your photo blankets. You can choose one dating back many years ago when you and your siblings were little. That will bring a wave of nostalgic memories and you can't probably help but cry or laugh at all the silly things you did back then. You can also choose to have the latest family picture that you took together. The hardest part of growing up probably is that at one point, you're growing apart from your family. You only get to see them during the holidays or Thanksgiving. Paying a visit comes around only once or twice every year. But seeing your complete family on your custom picture blankets will have two effects: one, it will make you miss them which will lead to effect number two, you will want to spend more time with them as often as you can.

9. The Best Friend

Pick a photo of you and your best friend displaying your best angles. Showing how much you appreciate your closest friend through a custom photo blanket is awesome. Surely, it's not the conventional way of valuing your friendship, but it will certainly leave a memorable mark. Besides, writing them a letter, making them friendship bracelets, and whatnots are all outdated acts. They're genuine, yes, but you need to be more creative than that. Once your best friend visits your place and sees your blanket with the photos of you together, they will totally feel how much you cherish them.

10. The Holidays

Display your favorite holiday in your very own photo blankets. Sure, there are ready-made bedding designs of all the holidays in the world, but nothing beats the design coming from your own sense of creativity. You can have the photo of the most memorable holiday you had, which is why it became your favorite. You can always replace it whenever a new unforgettable moment tops that previous one. It's such a shame that holidays only last for a few days. Having your most memorable holiday as your personalized picture blankets enables you to relive that time for as long as you want, even when that holiday already passes.

How to Customize A Photo Blanket as the Perfect Gift

Aside from having these customizable blankets for yourself, you can also give them to others as gifts. That's right! You won't have to spend too much time thinking what to get your family and friends for their birthday or Christmas. All you need to spend time thinking about is what photo you want to recreate with the blankets.


Here are different ideas to customize your photo blankets as gifts to your loved ones.

1. For the Parents

Save the sweetest photo of your mom and dad. Nothing probably tops customized photo blankets with the picture of your mom and dad on it as a present for their anniversary. Just be prepared to watch your mom tear up or your dad give you the tightest hug you'll ever receive. It's a simple yet the sweetest gesture of valuing your parents' relationship. They will probably laugh at it at first because of how big their faces look, but they'll appreciate it in no time, and will probably often call you saying how much they loved your gift.

2. For the Siblings

Capture an embarrassing moment of your sibling as a prank. Showing love to your sibling doesn't always mean being nice to them. Sometimes being mean gets the message across better than acting friendly. You can start another sibling war through this hilarious gesture, but know that it will be worth it. You should be ready with a camera to capture their reaction upon seeing your gift. So for next year, you can use that footage as reference for another epic photo blankets. The best time to give your present is when their friends are all gathered in the area. Just get keep a lookout on your back and get ready for their revenge.

3. For the Best Friend

Find the very first picture you took with your best friend. Take your greatest pal to a trip down to memory lane and crack her up by having photo blankets of your first picture together as friends. It will be a really sweet and funny gift for her birthday. You've been friends for many years, for sure you've given her everything you know that she wants. Instead of getting her what she wants, which will not come as a surprise because she'll probably know what you'll get for her, you can have custom photo blankets of your oldest photo together. She will not see that coming.


4. For the Grandparents

A picture of you and your siblings turned into a photo blanket for your grandparents will melt their hearts. Your grandma and grandpa want to spend as much time with you as possible. But visiting may be too much of a chore for their old age. Why not take time to visit them regularly instead? For your grandparents' birthday, you can make them feel special and loved by going out of your way to surprise them. Take a photo with you and your siblings and have it printed as a photo blanket so they can treasure it forever.


You can also look for a photo of your grandparents together when they were still young. It will definitely bring back the sweet memories of their youth. Having a picture of them on a blanket will surely melt their hearts and will probably bring tears of joy to their eyes. Doing an act of kindness is one way of appreciating and valuing your grandparents, knowing that they've taken good care of you when you were young.

Create Your Own!

These are all brilliant ideas to get inspiration from when you're thinking about giving a gift to someone. You can add your own to the list; those that you have done, and those that you are planning to do with the customizable photo blankets. There are countless of ways and endless possibilities to recreate and use your photos, especially if you're someone who's into taking lots of them.


Photographers will probably have a difficult time in choosing which photo they're going to use for the photo blankets. There's just too many great shots to choose from! Either way, they still get to enjoy their shot in the comfort of their own home. The idea behind customizing picture blankets is that we want you to have the freedom of creating your own blanket design. Surely, we have plenty of remarkable designs and patterns, paired with vibrant colors and styles, but there's just something special when the design really comes from your own pocket of imagination.


It gives you this sense of pride knowing that you were able to come up with something so creative and humorous at the same time. We also value memories in various aspect. We want you to be able to recreate and revisit these memories through the photos you've taken before. This will make the photo blankets very personal. And that's what makes it the best design for you.

How to Customize Photo Blankets with a Collage of Pictures

However, when you just don't know which picture to use, you can always put in many of them for good measure. You can create a collage of up to 25 photos! It's like having a photo album stocked in one comfortable blanket!

Here are some ideas for your photo blanket’s collage.

1. Trips and Adventures

Select the best photos of your favorite out-of-town or out-of-the-country trip. You know you've taken too many pictures during your last trip that it won't just fit one album on Facebook. We can't blame you for that, though, because we know the place you visited was just too charming for words. For times like that, a photo collage is very helpful because you get to pick a number of your favorite shots and include them in the design. To turn your adventures into custom photo blankets, choose the best sceneries and angles you took. Pick those that show the incredible places, food, and people you've met and seen along the way. So that when you sleep at night, you get to revisit those memories and relive them in your dreams.

Another way of designing collage photo blankets is by displaying all the trips you've taken in your life. Pick one photo from every trip and turn them into the most creative collage ever. It would be really cool if you took the same poses in different places. It would be like a blanket diary that shows all your adventures in one giant fabric. When you fill an entire blanket space, you can go on and make more memories and adventures by traveling to the places you've never been before.

2. Unforgettable Moments

Choose the pictures that capture the most memorable moments with loved ones. Be it with your family, your significant others, or your friends, relive the most precious times of your life through custom photo blankets. It's a really great way of constantly connecting with them although you may be apart physically. If you're working or living apart from your family and you miss them so badly, these personalized photo throws will bring you solace and tranquility. If you haven't seen your friend for a long time, a memento of everything you've been through together will keep you company. And if you happen to be in a long distance relationship, a photo collage of you and your lover will fill the gaps of your distance in a very comfortable way.

3. Growing Up

Gather your pictures growing, from childhood until the present. It's very important to remember who you are, where you've been, and what you've been through in order to fully understand who you are now. And what greater way to remember than to go back to the times when you were little and things weren't as complicated as they are now. Looking at your baby photos will definitely bring a smile to your face. Seeing how you gradually grew into the person you are today gives you a wider look at how you become to be the person you are today. It may make you miss the way things were before, but it will surely also make you want to look forward to what the future holds.


Having a collage of your childhood turned into a photo blanket is like your gift to yourself. It's something that you should keep and maybe pass on to your future child. Besides, when your parents see that blanket, they would probably tear up while smiling, seeing how much you valued your childhood. It's always great to look back to your roots; to remember how things were, especially when you've reached certain heights and milestones in your life. Now, that's the real trip down to memory lane.

You're Good to Go!

These are just but examples of how your photo blankets would turn out if you want to use a collage of photos. You have the freedom to choose whether or not to use a single or multiple photos for your blankets. Always remember to be proud of whatever photo you come up with. It's your design, after all.


Now that you've learned to put a part of you on your blankets, entrusting the world with yourself may not seem so scary at all. Well, now you just need to brace yourself for all the compliments, laughter, tears, and all sorts of emotions that you will get once your friends and family see your custom photo blankets.

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