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Tie Dye Blankets

Tie Dye patterns are lively and colorful. At Vision Bedding, we have a wide range of tie dye patterns you can choose for your room. The close-up shot of tie dye blanket features a swirl of an orange and blue pattern. The tie dye pattern blanket displays a circular pattern with circles of different colors drawn within each other.

The close up shot of the colorful tie dye blanket portrays a combination of different colors such as green, yellow, blue, and green on a black background. The tie and dye in purple, red, and white hues blanket shows the colors painted on the fabric in an abstract fashion. The image on the explosive tie dye blanket appears to have glowing patterns.

The kaleidoscope style abstract blanket displays circular patterns of green, yellow, black, pink, purple, and blue as they would look through a kaleidoscope. The material dyed Batik, Shibori blanket has white squares with asterisk drawn into each one using the color blue. Another blanket of the same name shows a wavy, blue, dotted pattern coming down from the above on a black background.

The tie and dye in blue, orange, and white hues blanket displays patterned images drawn on an orange background. The close-up shot of tie dye blanket portrays a bright orange pattern that looks like the sun’s rays on a black background. The tie and dye in green yellow blanket appears to mimic a zoomed in shot of trees in a tropical environment. You can customize our blankets as well.

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