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Emerald Green Blankets

Unique fleece throws are here in a wide variety of Emerald Green graphics. Snuggle up in a throw blanket and get warm with someone tonight. Or maybe pick a bed blanket size to turn your bedroom into a photographic work of art. 

The earth's most beautiful precious stone can bring its enchantment into your home and bedroom with our emerald green blankets. Cherished for their radiant tone of deep green, emeralds have always been valued gracing the most luxurious and expensive jewelry.

This beautiful deep color is also found in other beauties of nature that make their appearance on the lovely images that adorn our custom home furnishings. Not only this color is luxurious and seductive but matches great with other whites and dark tones as well. Add this hue to a coastline surrounded by sapphire blue water to your living room and bring its magic into your home.
Dazzling emeralds glow and sparkle on our fleece and woven blankets, cut perfectly and shown both in photographs and beautiful illustrations. A woman's lush emerald green eyes look upwards thoughtfully while another lovely lady wears a tantalizing green dress. 

Even without having your own shining emeralds, you can enjoy their beauty with our themed woven and fleece blankets. Toss our throw blankets on your bed or furniture and have it instantly be studded with rich emeralds.

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