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Hawaiian Blankets

Do you live in a cold northern climate, a desert or some other place far from Hawaii? Then you need our custom Hawaiian blankets to bring a tropical sea breeze and warm sun into your home. When you curl up in bed, wrap yourself in a blanket with a Hawaiian hibiscus on it, as orange and bright as the sun, and dream about your next Hawaiian vacation. Or choose a blanket pattern of white and light blue hibiscuses on a dark blue background. If blue isn't your favorite color, then choose the pattern in green, lavender, violet or yellow.

For something more adventurous, we have a blanket design of three surfboards decorated with flowers, flames and a Hawaiian mask, with ALOHA! at the bottom. Or a tropical montage of photographic blanket designs depicting the clear blue waters, white sandy beaches and green palm trees of Hawaii. If you want a simpler Hawaiian blanket, choose flowers, leaves and stems delicately drawn in white against a black background.

In addition we can do any color of Hawaiian flower design you want yes any color of flower and any background color you need in order to get that perfect Hawaiian blanket design you are dreaming of! Island life is slow and easy, so when you decorate your couch with a Hawaiian throw blanket or hang one on your wall as a wall decor, you'll create an easygoing, fun atmosphere in your living room. Serve tropical drinks, find your old hula hoop in the garage, and put on some dance music, because your guests are going to want to have some tropical fun when they see your blankets designed with abstract waves made from swirls of blue and purple tossing hibiscuses in the air beneath silhouettes of palm trees, an island vista looking out at soaring birds, waving palm trees and another island in the distance, or a rainbow pouring into a bottle, surrounded by flowers, trees and a purple, pink, red and green striped wave pattern. Don't let the weather, big city or suburbs get you down, bring Hawaii to your home or office with our fleece Hawaiian blankets.

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