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Black And White Bath Decor

Black And White Shower Curtains

Bath Mats, Towels, - Decorate Your Whole Bathroom!

Most people select a colored shower curtain for the bathroom. They choose a solid-colored curtain or one that features a design that complements the wall and floor colors. Black and white bath decor give the bathroom a different look. Whether these are modern or retro shower curtains, the lack of color can make quite a statement.

Not everyone can pull off this look in the bathroom. Black and white bath decor look best in a room with walls that feature a solid color such as white, black, red, blue, or green.

Painting the bathroom walls orange and adding one of these custom size shower curtains creates a bold look that looks nice in a contemporary or modern style home. Floor style and color also determine the appropriateness of these curtains, with the best choices being a wooden or monochrome tiled floor.

Retro black and white bath decor are suitable for a traditional style home. Scrolling lines, paisley, and pianos are just a few designs used on bath mats, towels and curtains. When added to a traditional monochrome tiled bathroom, these decor look right at home. Adding a solid colored hand towel to black and white bath towels displayed on rods creates a splash of color and draws everything together.

Sometimes, simply changing these accessories is enough to refresh the look of the bathroom. Black and white bath decor feature some very original designs. One of these is a white outline of a fern leaf on a black background. It is simple and clean but makes a powerful artistic statement. This is one of those curtains for anyone taking the less-is-more approach to design. It serves as a focal point in the bathroom without overdoing the decoration. Add a white or clear liner to complete the look and prolong the life of the bath curtain. Some designs feature a single pattern that makes personalization stand out, while others benefit from the use of a bold color to create the customized message.

A cute idea for an animal lover is a paw print curtain with a message containing the name of the cherished family pooch. This curtain is also perfect for a commercial grooming establishment. Bathroom shower curtains in monochrome can also be quite the art form.

A curtain featuring a silhouette of a woman will look attractive in a modern home. Music lovers will appreciate a design that features stereo speakers on a winged background. A display of black marbles with one white marble in the middle offers contrast and perspective.

The variety of gray-scale black and white is impressive, providing a wide selection of designs for people with any decorating taste. Whether they want to add some design, make a statement, or show off their hobbies in the bathroom, they can do it with one of these decor.

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