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Black And White Rugs

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Sometimes color is over rated and what is needed isn't more color but less, a lot less. That is when monochrome designs come into their own. From simple to complex patterns to popular symbols like the yin yang designs can prove to be just as stylish as their color counterparts while filling a niche that colors never could. Black and White Rugs from VisionBedding can all be personalized with your name or any text for free - which brings a unique element to the world of gray-scale rugs and also allows for a more personal feel to any room in the house.

For the teen girl looking to set her room apart from all those of her friends, a black and white custom size rug with a background of splattered and running paint along with circular patterns and a couple teen models in the foreground is sure to add a cool look to a room that cant be found anywhere else while a field of pure white with black butterflies flying in their typical graceful form adds a more gentle touch to a teens room for a more relaxed one of a kind feel to the rug. A large black and white yin yang rug design is a great choice for anyone looking to bring a more peaceful feel to a room or office to calm down a busy environment. Another rug design uses a series of flowing patterns of stripes and designs swirling about in liquid form which can be a great addition to any space that needs to be livened up with a little complexity to bring out the energy in a room and give it a more lively appearance.

You will find hundreds of gray-scale rug designs as well as bedding and themed pillows. A group of three speakers with eagles wings and tail feathers back dropped by spatters of grey paint will definitely add a wild touch and a loud feeling to a room without overdoing it with lots of unneeded color. For the racing fan looking to bring some of the excitement home from the track a perfect rug might be a perspective view of a trailing finish line checkered flag which is sure to be a hit.

You just cant find rugs like these anywhere else.

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